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Experts agree: Your body knows how to run: smoothly, lightly, powerfully, and pain-free. You run in a unique style, tailored to maximize the way you are built and how you move most comfortably. 

If this is true, why do many of us struggle on the run? We watch great athletes and marvel at how comfortably they move: effortlessly, perfectly balanced, barely seeming to touch the ground as they glide by. We want to run that way, but often feel that we're painfully pounding the ground and pulling our reluctant bodies along by sweat and will.

In Your Best Stride, I describe my search for common ground among the world's top coaches, biomechanical researchers, physicians, and physical therapists. I learned that all agree there is no one ideal running style but a few optimal running mechanics that often get compromised by our daily habits.  And, I found that there are clear, straightforward ways to restore the mobility, strength, balance and posture necessary to help every runner regain his or her most comfortable and efficient running pattern.

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"This is the post-fad, post-backlash, post-whiplash book we've been waiting for, taking advantage of the huge surge of interest and research into running form in recent years to move beyond all the turf wars and look at what we've actually learned."

―Alex Hutchinson, Sweat Science

“Your Best Stride is every runner’s guide to the biomechanics necessary to make running more comfortable, enjoyable, and faster.”
―DEENA KASTOR, U.S. Olympian

“Your Best Stride reflects the most up-to-date research and thinking on running technique in an accessible, practical format.”
―ROBERT M. CONENELLO, sports podiatrist, past president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine

"A practical, well-researched, no bullshit book on running technique...I'll be referencing, and recommending, it anytime form-related questions arise from here on out." 

Mario Fraioli, The Morning Shakeout

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